Dr. Jimoh Braimoh (Jr)

A scholar, author, researcher, multiple award winner and believer in Christ, Jimoh Braimoh (Jr) is a catalyst for positively imparting the mind to think and the heart to believe. He is the founder and CEO of Babel Translators, a translating agency based in Nigeria.



Many students crave academic excellence but only a few achieve it. The Perfect Scholar is a guide for every student to succeed in academics and in life and to strike a balance between spirituality and practicality…

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We go to school to learn pretty much about everything, but where do we go to learn about school?

Translation Services

Babel Translators (Nigeria)

We are a premier Nigeria based translating agency, with a team of highly qualified native speakers who are experts in bridging the gap between oral and written communication. We know how to translate a large volume of work at reasonable cost, and with the speed and accuracy required to make your business excel without compromising standard and confidentiality.